By 2030 Half Of American Adults Will Be Obese

Research and recent predictions are that by 2030 nearly half of all American adults will be obese; 49.2% to be exact, and in every state no fewer than 35% of American adults will have a BMI of at least 30 which is the threshold that defines obesity. According to research America is in pretty poor shape, that’s not great at all. As this nation continues to accumulate fat this number will worsen to nearly 1 in 4 Americans having severe obesity.  Click here for the article.

We need a concerted effort to change the way Americans eat because we are literally eating ourselves to death.  And guess what folks, you cannot medicate this problem away. We have great success with our weight loss programs and we offer a complimentary consultation to match the best program for you. Call 954-473-8925 today.

For more information on lifestyle medicine, pain treatment, regenerative medicine, CBD, ozone, nutrition or any of the other wonderful integrative medicine services we provide, please contact the practice of Dr. Scott Denny with a practice location in Davie, Florida. Please also visit to complete your complimentary health analysis and receive a copy of Dr. Denny’s free eBook.

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